GSMPRO toll on-board device. The simple and fast way of toll collection in Hungary !!!

Price: : Only 110 € + VAT.

Advantages of the use of the on-board device GSMPRO:

  • Automatic toll collection
  • 10% savings in contrast to manual purchase
  • 2 years warranty
  • 12-24 V running (12 V socket / cigarette lighter)
  • Integrated battery in the case of a failure
  • 2 years of full service agency in the application - without a contract and monthly fee
  • free updates via Internet
  • 24-hours hotline
  • repurchase option of a function-capable device in the amount of 20 euros after 2 years of full operation
  • Possibility of refund of 27% VAT in Hungary

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Contact: Marcel Nawalany